Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Schlafly in La La Land

This month's Living in La La Land award goes to Phyllis Schlafly, who's report on the first presidential debate defies explanation. It includes gems like this:

"The liberals have been marketing Barack Obama as the greatest orator of our times, but the public saw a different picture in the first presidential debate. Angry, perplexed and devoid of substance was the real Obama, whom the media could no longer hide.

By contrast, John McCain provided refreshing sincerity to Obama's incoherent subterfuges."

It sounds like Schlafly took a description of Sarah Palin and simply substituted Obama's name in there. Anyone who saw the debate through non-redcolored glasses will no doubt choke on their coffee reading this, given that McCain got angry enough to scare little children by the time the debate was over. As for substance, Schlafly must have added another term to the ever growing list that the Republicans have redefined. In GOPland, "gaffe" means "anything with which I disagree", "flip flop" means "any change or nuance in position", and "devoid of substance" means "never said anything with which I agreed.

Read the whole article. It is astonishing that someone who screeches about bias as much as Schlafly does could write such a reality-averse description of the debate. It is, however, illustrative of the sort of intellectual brick wall one is likely to run into trying to persuade such people what a stinker of a ticket McCain/Palin is.

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