Saturday, September 6, 2008

Does McCain Have Alzheimers?

This is not funny at all. It is a series of clips of John McCain making various confused, sometimes completely senseless mistakes, and sometimes just being confused. I've had some medical people take a look at it and they seem convinced the man has serious, mental medical problems.

Let's be clear here and dispense with the knee-jerk retort that everyone makes mistakes. These are not the sorts of flubs we've all made, and we see politicians make, an Obama "57 states", or a Quayle "potatoe". Those are easily dismissable as the sorts of mistakes healthy people will make when under duress, or when having an extreme lack of sleep. McCain goes to a completely different level. He repeatedly refers to Czechoslovakia, which hasn't existed in over a decade. He begins to talk of paying $4 a box for gas, calls himself a conservative liberal Republican, and can't seem to remember whether Al Quaeda is Sunni or Shia.

America can't afford to have a president who is losing his faculties, with a backup VP who is the least qualified in history.

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