Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hawkins Demonstrates the Weak Case Against Obama

Sometimes political attacks are so lame that they actually lend support to the other side. John Hawkins latest lame effort to smear Barak Obama. In it Hawkins describes Obama as "the single biggest gaffe machine to hit American politics since Howard Dean", which is quite a statement since Sarah Palin and John McCain are giving us daily material concerning their lack of knowledge of the world, if not the room they are in.

Reading the list is indeed illustrative, but not in the way Hawkins wants it to be. It is all completely trivial, and that is when it isn't bordering on a lie from lack of context (ie the "pig" and 'Muslim' comments), or a case of disagreement about the world around us (sorry John, but ignorant unemployed rednecks do cling to their guns and religion), or a virtue twisted into a fault (the flag pin/fake patriotism issue and his modesty in not playing God with the "abve my pay grade" comment).

There is simply no substance there, nothing to compare with Palin thinking she has international experience because she can see Russia, or that the earth is 6,000 years old, or McCain thinking Spain is in our hemisphere, or that Czechoslovakia is still around. This isn't even apples and oranges, it's apples and watermelons. If this is the best the Republicans can do, they lose, and lose badly. And if the latest polls are to be believed, they will.

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