Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Campaign McCain Denied Us

It would have had everything: the brash upstart vs the experienced insider, the Harvard man vs the war hero, the wisecracking curmudgeon vs the folksy ex-minister with the snappy comebacks, the fortysomething vs the seventysomething, the reality-based view (at lest as much as a good Christian can have one), vs the faith-based view, stay-in-Iraq-for-100-years vs get-the-hell-out-now. On and on and on it could have gone, pitting the major American values against each other, in good honest political battle. This is what McCain/Huckabee vs Obama/Biden could have been.

Instead, John McCain has robbed us of all that, first by choosing an incompetent loon as his VP, then attempting to hide her from the media so that her loony ignorance would not be exposed, then playing this fake emergency bolt to Washington for a photo op supposedly saving us from a crisis he had a hand in creating and has little power to correct being absent from all relevant committees. Knowing he couldn't win a straight up honest political contest with Barak Obama, McCain has resorted to kicking over the chess board every time Obama gets ahead and demanding to start over. Any other politician would have let Palin carry the load while McCain tended to business in Washington, but she proves herself to be absolutely clueless about everything, he can't risk that. Now he attempts a long timeout in the hopes of keeping Palin and himself from the scorcing crucible that is to be the debates. Sorry John McCain, the country knows cowardice when it sees it, even from someone who once showed more courage than 100 Americans combined.

Country before self? Are you kidding me? McCain's behavior is beginning to border on treasonous. I suggest McCain save us all the trouble of wearing out our blue markers on election day and just make the suspension of his candidacy permanent. THAT would be putting country before self. The bullshit express has embarrassed America enough for one election.

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