Sunday, September 7, 2008

Republican Pundits say Palin Shouldn't Have to Answer Questions about her Pro-Life Stance: and for Good Reason

Friday I watched a couple of Republican pundits on MSNBC, Joe Watkins, and Ron 'I'm not going to fall for the banana in the tailpipe' Christie, wiggle around madly as to why Sarah Palin shouldn't have to explain her pro-life position. Christie was asked if she would criminalize doctors who performed abortions, and had the audacity to claim he didn't "understand the premise of the question".

OK Ron, let me explain it to you. No pro-life politician really wants to get into detail about what she believes, because when one gets into the gory details, it gets ugly. She wants to overturn Roe Vs Wade and make abortion a state issue, sure to be illegal in some states. But then what happens? If we are to treat fetuses as babies, then is not a woman getting an abortion in a state where it is illegal an accomplice to murder? After all, if she took her one year old child to an executioner, she would be so charged, and rightly so. The pro-life position leads inexorably to this, which is why they avoid talking about it like the plague.

But it is logically unavoidable. Making abortion illegal turns women who seek them accomplices to murder, and makes the doctors that perform them murderers. Pro-life people are loath to accept or talk about this, which is why Sarah Palin should be asked this question as often as possible, at least, if she ever allows reporters to ask her any questions.

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