Friday, September 12, 2008

Lipstick? Oh, they are Pigs all Right, Lying Pigs

Just when you thought the McCain campaign couldn't sink any lower, or lie any more blatantly, now we get the "lipstick on a pig controversy". There really shouldn't be any controversy for anyone interested in facts, which I'm being persuaded is a minority of the electorate. If you watch the video of Obama's comments, he was talking about McCain's policies, and how calling them something different doesn't make them different. Palin wasn't even part of the discussion.

But apparently never to let a low blow go unthrown, McCain comes out with this ad which labels Obama's comment as "Obama: on Sarah Palin".

This ladles and germs, is what is known as a lie, plain and simple. Oh, was Obama thinking about Sarah Palin? Was lipstick on his mind? Who knows? I don't, John McCain sure doesn't either, and you can't run an ad like that if you don't KNOW. It's over the line, but then, McCain/Palin are making a mockery of our election process by doing exactly that.

Finally, since Republicans like basing their views on speculation so much, imagine that it had been Cindy McCain, instead of Sarah Palin, that had made a lipstick reference in her speech. Would we have immediately thought of Cindy McCain when Obama made his remark, the way we all though of Sarah Palin? Of course not. Now ask yourself why, and you'll fully understand the false outrage coming from the Republicans.

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