Friday, September 26, 2008

I Want What Dick Morris is Smoking

I really want what Dick Morris is smoking. With the vapidity of Sarah Palin coming to light, and voters scurrying off the sinking bullshit express ship like rats, what is Mr. Consistent saying?

"To appreciate how McCain could surge into the lead in the debates, we need to focus on what has changed about the race in the past few months. McCain has emerged from the exchange of convention oratory with a much more solid reputation for reliability and judgment than Obama has."

On what planet Dick? Between his near continuous episodes of senility, and increasing criticism over him putting an ignorant loon within one vote and one heart attack from the presidency, McCain's reputation for reliability, what little he had, is evaporating. He's become the mainstay punchline of late night TV.

But not in Dickland. There, we get this:

"With the designation of Palin, McCain has offered a credible vision of change that Obama will have a hard time disputing. "

Hard time disputing Dick? Every time the woman opens her mouth she loses credibility. She's got so many controversies I can't keep up. She lies, and is caught doing it, daily. The latest problem being her close relationship with witch-hunting hands-laying-on Pastor Muthee. The words "Sarah Palin" and "credibility" don't go together here on planet earth.

Whatever Morris is smoking, it won't change reality.

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Dvt guy said... want to smoke a toe?