Monday, September 8, 2008

Palin: McCain's Challenge for America, but its not What You Think

John McCain has challenged America. He has challenged our identity politics in the most extreme way, by choosing a VP candidate who has little else to offer. Sarah Palin's speech was so much bluster and so little substance. Who with two brain cells to rub together really cares that much about her family, even granting the entertainment value of seeing the Family Values (tm) candidate sporting the first baby daddy in modern political history? It was a speech aimed right at the choir, offering nothing of substance to those with doubts about her, aside from all her blatantly lying about her supposed opposition to earmarks and the infamous bridge to nowhere. She is being carefully kept away from live reporters who (gasp) might want to see exactly what the potential Vice President of the United States knows, and how she handles herself in the face of antagonism. We already know she is a creationist and global warming denialist, and there is considerable reason to wonder what her secessionist and dominionist views are. Her views on warring for the sake of what you think your gods are telling you seem more in line with Osama Bin Laden than John McCain.

John McCain has, at the most essential level, selected the most deranged, unqualified candidate ever for the office of Vice President solely because she shares attributes with a key voting demographic. He has her lie about her record in a way that any grade schooler should be able to see through, and hides her from the press. John McCain has thrown down the gauntlet to the few thinking Republicans left. Will you really debase yourself that much over your hatred of the Democrats and your confidence in the Republicans. Will you REALLY vote Republican no matter what they do? Cause brother, it doesn't get much worse than this.

Luckily, so far the polls are returning to their pre-olympic levels with Obama having a small-to-comfortable lead in the projected electoral votes. So there is room for optimism. There is also a ton of pessimism in the fact that the issue is in doubt at all.

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