Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Fraud Continues: Palin Repeats the Script, Refuses to Take Questions

The fraud of the Sarah Palin candidacy continues, as she makes her little fake political tour making speeches while avoiding the critical component of such tours: answering questions from the media and voters:

"So far, Palin has barely spoken with voters either. Since the convention, she and McCain have breezed through a Wisconsin ice cream shop, a New Mexico restaurant and a Missouri barbecue place, shaking hands with diners but not taking any questions. Photographers and television cameras have been allowed full view while reporters are typically ushered too far away to ask questions or hear most of the conversations.

To be sure, all candidates running for office give the same remarks over and over — Barack Obama's stump speech has hardly changed throughout the campaign, and McCain has been telling familiar stories and jokes for months.

But none of the candidates in this race has been so shielded from the media, so protected from any spontaneous situation, and Palin's unvarying remarks give the impression that she and her message are being tightly controlled. As before her convention speech, McCain's campaign is briefing Palin for her first TV interview."

"Tightly controlled" is a euphemism for "keeping her from revealing her ignorance and unfitness for office", as her clueless comments about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac illustrate. You can read a more detailed analysis here, where even conservatives admit her statements made no sense. The ignoramus clearly speaks as though they are government programs.

The Sarah Palin candidacy is a fraud, identity politics and nothing else, as anyone with two brain cells to rub together, and unencumbered with GOP bloodlines, should clearly see. In these troubled times, we cannot afford a vice president who is image and nothing else.

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