Friday, September 19, 2008

Palin Can See Russia, but McCain can't Find Spain

The hits just keep on coming. John McCain was interviewed on a Miami radio show, and after being asked about many South American countries, he was asked if he would meet with the Prime Minister of Spain, and proceeded to start rambling on about our friends in the hemisphere, and Latin America. Listen to the tape, from about 2:55 on. This wasn't a slip of the tongue. He was asked about the guy several times, and the interviewer clearly said "Spain". Did McCain not hear her, or is it possible that John McCain thinks Spain is in South America?

This is starting to not be funny. Let's review the McCain blunders, and this is just from memory, and only things I've actually seen clips of:

He thinks Czechoslovakia still exists (did this at least twice)
He referred to the border between Pakistan and Iraq
He referred to German President Putin
He can't seem to keep straight whether Al Quada is Sunni or Shia
He gets Sudan and Somalia mixed up

A gaffe or two, slips of the tongue, are one thing. These are another animal entirely. McCain either has very little knowledge of the world, or he does but his 72 year old faculties are failing him. This is not a trivial concern. A misstatement like that at a touchy diplomatic session with nervous allies or enemies could be extremely costly.

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