Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Townhall Censors Comments

Wow. I've become a victim of the Republican control machine. Townhall.com is censoring my comments. I commented here, and here, and yet my comments are nowhere to be found. There is proof I was there: in the Hawkins article, replies #55, #56, and #61 mention my post.

What was I doing that warranted this censorship? Simply calling the Republican BS for what it was, from the POV of a former Republican calling my mates to the way of reason. The Knight article I've given the full treatment. In the Hawkins article, I simply reminded them that common sense and Republican talking points are not synonymous, and asked them about the common sense that:

1) Borrowing and spending (what the last 3 Republican presidents did) is worse than taxing and spending.

2) Scientists know more science (ie evolution and global warming)than Joe Shiiteforbrains Dittohead does.

3) You can't control both houses of the government and the presidency for 6-8 years and blame the bad things that happen on your watch on the minority party.

Ironically, it is exactly this sort of behavior that I was ranting about in the censored comments. How far my once proud Republican party has fallen.

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