Friday, October 31, 2008

How Far Out Is Fox? Way, Way Out

All one needs to do to see how far out Fox and its viewers have gone, is watch and listen. They've spent their entire day on tangential issues: Joe the Plumber, arcane tax figures, Jeremiah Wright, Dick Morris rambling about how no one has paid attention to the election until now, and of course, the three newspapers kicked off Barack Obama's plane. If all that in a serious race with numerous substantive issues they could have spent that time focused on isn't Jerry Springer enough for you, consider what some of the people booted off the plane supposedly said. One asked Obama or his people if he was a communist. Another wrote a column saying Obama didn't care if we won or lost in Iraq.

This is tinfoil hat country folks. Why not ask him if he believes we really landed on the moon while they are at it? No wonder they were kicked off the plane. Political fairness doesn't extend to lunacy. If these right wing nuts want to be treated like serious journalists, they need to act like them.

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Joshua said...

Actually, that's not what seems to have really happened. The newspapers in question have made clear that they don't think that the issue was bias:

See for example: