Thursday, October 16, 2008

Let the Texas Creationist War Begin

The war has officially begun:

The Texas Freedom Network has learned that evolution opponents on the state board are trying to pack a formal curriculum review panel with supporters of teaching “intelligent design”/creationism. The panel was supposed to include science experts, yet three of the six appointed by the state board are strident evolution critics. In fact, two are authors of an anti-evolution textbook, Explore Evolution, that the state board could consider approving for Texas public schools in 2011...

“It’s simply stunning that any state board members would even consider appointing authors of an anti-evolution textbook to a panel of scientists,” [Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller] said. “Are they coming here to help write good science standards or to drum up a market for their lousy textbook?”

We've got to make noise on this one. Write your newspapers, sign the petition, call your representatives. This is absurd on two levels: that promoters of pseudoscience would be put on a board, and that a book written by those same pseudoscientists could come before the panel on which they sit. This blatant conflict of interest is unethical.

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