Thursday, October 16, 2008

Samples from the Loony Right

If you think the cries of 'kill him!' and 'traitor!' at recent Sarah Palin rallies were anomalies, check out some of the looniness I've found. I didn't have to go far, or in some dark corner. Right there in the open, Townhall provides. Be sure to read the comments. Here are some of my favorites:

"Every true patriot should now prepare his own personal weapon and select his own target individual for destruction. When the socialist government begins to implement its true agenda, then each patriot should eliminate his pre-selected target with extreme prejudice. Thomas Jefferson, Sam Adams and George Washington already provided us the example. It is the only way we can preserve our freedom."

"I think these socialists have at the least gotton into minds of people like Barney,Nancy and others in congress. Our universities are pushing socialism hard. Evidence clearly shows Obama was tutored in socialism & is hell bent on destroying us within. I've said this before, if you have guns, hide them well--if you don't have guns, get them."

"It's Showtime. They are ready to take to the streets. Only massive organised armed resistance will save this country."

"Even Obama has the sense to know we cling to our guns. Others like Jayhawk don't quite get that yet. I truly pray they don't learn the hard way but if it comes down to it, I will set my Bible down for a moment to take aim. "

"Over 80 million of us locked and loaded and ready to take back our country by any means necessary. The Civil War wasn't an aberration nor was it the last. Our nation is going through a hostile takeover, having been destroyed from within financially by the traitorous leftists Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Frank, Dodd, et al, your day is coming! To the supporters of the Muslim plant, us gun hugging, bible toting bitter Americans know who you are!"

I noted recently that the static, geographically concentrated nature of the election map the last few cycles was prime set up for a civil war. Now we are getting the language of one too, and from the group more likely to do it. Say what you will about tree-huggin hippies, they are far less likely to take up arms against the government than the militias. McCain, Palin, and the rest of the venomous Republican politicos might have lit a fire they can't put out.


ollie said...

These types have given up winning at the ballot box.

But they were there when WJC was in office; they'll probably set up something similar to the "Arkansas Project" to hound BHO at every step.

Interestingly enough, some "white power" types (KKK, neo nazis, skinheads, etc.) think that an Obama win would be good for their cause.

alex said...

The "kill him" comment was refuted by the Secret Service.
Other stupid and racist comments from the crowd were known to be true, though.