Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More of What Palin Doesn't know: Supreme Court Cases, Newspapers, Magazines, and Why She's Going to Get Creamed Thursday

Did you think it couldn't get worse? Oh yes, it can get worse:

Sarah Palin's answer to 'what periodicals do you read?': all of them.

Her answer to what other Supreme Court decisions she disagrees with:

"Any that could best be dealt with at a local level..."

You can guess the rest. When Charlie Brown was teaching Sally how to count and asked her how many horses there were in the picture, it was cute that she said "all of them". But then, she was a baby.

Those of you who think Palin is a formidable debater because she is "the master of the nonanswer", are forgetting one important difference between this debate and the others. The talk-a-lot-and-say-nothing strategy only works when people don't know that is what you are going to do. Once the audience knows the magician's trick, it's not going to fool them. I wouldn't be surprised if the audience audibly started booing if she tries to pull this crap Thursday night.

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