Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hawkins' Strategy for McCain: The Definition of Crazy

One definition of crazy is "doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result". So what in the world is John Hawkins doing repeating the same failed strategy to John McCain? The GOP is showing itself to be a one trick pony, like a football team with no passing game that, even if it isn't working, have no choice but to run the ball up the middle on every play. They are starting to remind me of the people in B-monster movies who, after emptying their clip of bullets into the charging monster, and to complete lack of effect, decide the best thing to do at that point is reload and fire away.

You know, we forget that there was a time when John McCain looked like he could lead a move for the GOP away from the loony right, into a more centrist and sensible party, pro-science, reasonable on abortion, truly fiscally responsible. Instead, we got the Palin madness, and the attack-at-all-costs political strategy. A commenter on a post by Linda Chavez summed up well why we need a sensible conservative party:

"We need conservative leaders to put the brakes on liberal over reaching. When conservatives are in power, the nation needs liberal leaders to put the brakes on conservatives. That's a scenario that serves America. The main problem, and it shows up in almost every poll today and every scan of voter attitude, is that Americans simply can't stomach any more conservative BS.

No more BS that small town America is the 'real' America, and that I am not a 'real' America because I live in a city. No more BS that Congress needs to be investigated for 'anti-Americanism.' No more BS that your opponent, whomever he is, is a Communist or a Socialist. No more BS that your next door neighbor hates America because his political views are to the left of yours. No more BS that science and evidence don't matter, as long as ideological purity is upheld. No more BS about being privy to the Truth because you are a Christian.

That is the Conservatism that is being rejected. You do not need to believe or agree. But if you don't see that reality then you are divorced from the reality of this election. As long as your standard bearers are Rush Limbaugh and Anne Coulter, you will lose."

The George Will, William F. Buckley, Bary Goldwater faction of the GOP needs to rise up and take it back from the "kooks".

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