Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Intelligence, Ideology, and acceptance of Evolution

Razib has a very interesting analysis of the relationship of intelligence, ideology, and acceptance of evolution. Take a look at the graphs which plot skepticism of evolution against intelligence, particularly the 4th one which plots groups based on religiosity. There he gets the surprising result that, among fundamentalists, their skepticism of evolution actually goes up as their intelligence increases. He sums up the findings this way:

"And this last point is one I think which is worth keeping in mind. If you are a person who is liberal in orientation and you interact mainly with other liberals, then you will naturally see a strong relationship between intelligence and acceptance of evolution. If, on the other hand you are very conservative, that relationship will be harder to discern. Finally, if you are a fundamentalist Christian you won't see that relationship in your day to day life. Daniel Dennett's universal acid of Darwinism might not be so universal at all; among liberals it is rather acidic, especially as one goes up the ladder of intelligence and education. Among religious conservatives, far less so."

The whole article is worth a read.

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