Friday, October 17, 2008

Nothing Sums up the McCain Campaign like USA! USA!

As this surreal election comes to a close, I think the one aspect of this campaign that sums it all up most succinctly is what I just saw watching a McCain stump speech. Rather, it is what I heard: the chant of "USA! USA!" in the McCain crowd.

This is truly mindboggling. Here is an election between two Americans, and one side chants "USA!" as if it distinguishes them from their opponent. Imagine a football game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins wherein Redskins fans chanted "USA!". Would we not wonder about their sanity?

Yet the McCain crowd keeps doing this, and no one says anything about it. It shows how isolated from reality so many in that camp have become. They are so convinced that Obama is a Manchurian, socialist, Muslim that they actually think he isn't as American as they are. This is what the Republicans have been reduced to: pretending Democrats aren't real Americans.

It will be interesting to see how these people react when their candidate loses. Will they show the world the democratic spirit and accept Obama as their president, rightfully elected? Or will they show the worst traits of those they so revile, dictators and zealots, who only like democracy when they win?

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ollie said...

They did that at the McCain rally that I attended in Iowa.

Note that Palin talked about enjoying the "pro America" regions of the country.