Saturday, October 4, 2008

Reagan, Clinton, and Palin? Dick Morris, Palinist, Idiot of the Year

Just when I think I've seen everything, I see Dick Morris write this:

"Last night was a big, big win for Sarah Palin.

She showed originality, charisma and sass - a style that is refreshing and different in our politics. She didn't just win the vice-presidential debate, she showed that she belongs with Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton as among the best communicators of our modern political times."

This is beyond absurd. This is like comparing a player for the Washington Generals (who routinely lose to the Harlem Globetrotters) to Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, or John Denver as a guitar player to Jimi Hendrix. Does this sound like a line Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan would ever utter:

"We will do what is best for the American people in tapping into that position and ushering in an agenda that is supportive, and cooperative with the president's agenda in that position."

That's not a great communicator, that's an amateur struggling to find something to say when she's been led to a question she has no script for. As one reads the comments on Dick Morris' thread, and others in the insulated world of the tinfoil hat brigade that is left on Palin's side, one can be forgiven for wondering if there is some disease or mass mental illness effecting people like Morris, who can't see (or won't admit) the absolute fake this woman is. She can't even answer the question "What books or magazines do you read?". She is a prop, a lure for votes, who does nothing but recite memorized speeches, and babble nonsense. She's a Stepford Republican. Best communicator of modern times? She's not even the equivalent of a poor communicator in ancient times.

It seems we need a new word for this, so here it is:

Palinist - a person suffering from Palinism, the inability to recognize the incompetence, insincerity, and complete lack of intelligence of a person if that person is perceived to be politically agreeable with your political philosophy and allegiance, and parrots compatible phrases.

Palinist Dick Morris: Idiot of the Year.

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ollie said...

Dick Morris is an interesting bird. When he is talking about campaign tactics or strategy, he is worth listening to.

When he is shilling (as he is here), he is utterly worthless.