Saturday, October 11, 2008

McCain Rally, Obama an Arab? Insights into the Republican Base and Strategy

For Exhibit A of why many of us who actually value an education, and whose morals have developed a little bit from what they were 50 years ago, have left the Republican party, watch this clip of a recent McCain rally. In it we see McCain addressed by some complete racist ignoramuses dying to say "I don't trust that nigger", but having to dress their comments up in safer terms, like "Arab". This is the modern Republican Party. Isn't it pretty? Look at the people in that video. It looks and sounds like a Klan meeting.

And yet there is McCain denying and discouraging the very same ideas that his running mate and campaign are working so hard to place in people's minds. Is this a sign of extreme disorganization, or some sort of good-cop bad-cop routine to make McCain look noble while firing up the Dixie South? If the latter, McCain has to know he can't win that way. America has made a lot of progress in the arena of racism, whatever work remains. There just aren't enough racists left for McCain to win with them.

I'll give McCain the benefit of the doubt and take his comments in the clip above as sincere. Good for you John, glad to see some integrity again for a change. Perhaps the pride of the soldier in you has finally said "enough" to this mudslinging dishonest campaign. But that won't be plausible if you allow Sarah "never learnin" Palin to keep spewing and inciting venom and violence. That would expose you as a charlatan, only feigning integrity for political expediency.

Make us believe you love America once again John McCain: make Palin stop all this ridiculous talk suggesting Obama is in league with terrorists. There is still time to lose with dignity.


Anonymous said...

Listen to McCain's response. Is he saying that people of Arab ancestry are not decent? "No, he is not Arab, he is decent...." Is it ok to slander Arabs in this country?

ScienceAvenger said...

Of course it is [sarcasm] since Arabs aren't good Christians like us. Of course, with the crowd McCain has in that video, "Arab" was just a substitute word for "nigger". They just know they can't say "nigger" any more (other than around each other), so they grasp at whatever other term they can think of. That's why they all stutter when they try to explain exactly why they don't trust Obama.

Anonymous said...

It is like going back in a time machine. That woman does not trust him because he does not look like a white American. There are by the way Christian Arabs. MILLIONS of them. But that poor woman does not even know where to find the Middle-East on a map let alone understand the ethnic,linguistic,
religious etc etc. diversities of that area.