Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Religulous Outperforms Expelled

The figures are in, and Bill Maher's Religulous has outperformed Ben Stein's Expelled in its opening weekend, despite appearing in half the theatres, not having giveaways or bus-ins, nor the massive media blitz. Of course, some people who are determined to paint any atheist PR victory as a defeat will try to twist this somehow into a victory for Expelled, but the facts say otherwise. What is it with these self-loathing atheists who object to seemingly any attempt by the rest of us to counter the standard pro-religion view of everything? Methinks they have a lot of soul searching to do. In the meantime, they should just shut up until they can get a least a little objectivity on the issue. For someone to claim Expelled was a success, then turn around and predict the Religulous team will be "disappointed with the returns" requires a considerable disconnect from reality, however they try to frame it.

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alex said...

As of October 23, 2008 about 7:30 EST), Expelled is Sales Rank: #11 in Movies & TV

Popular in these categories:

#1 in Movies & TV > Documentary
#2 in Movies & TV > Comedy
#4 in Movies & TV > Kids & Family

I doubt Religulous will do so well.