Thursday, November 20, 2008

Out of the Mouths of GOPers: What They Didn't Learn in 2008

Poor Carol Platt Liebau. She tried to take a sober look at why the GOP got hammered in 2008, and while her efforts still miss the boat (she lists the biased media, campaign finance reform, immigration, and maverickiness as the main causes), her efforts were Solomonlike compared to the avalanche of wingnuttery in the comments to her article, which I reproduce for your amusement:

"The biggest mistake for Republicans was having open primaries in many states, leading to the disastrous victory for John "Mr. Amnesty" McCain. Otherwise, Mitt Romney could have won and been a much more formidable opponent to Barack Obama.

McCain became the party's presidential nominee by landing numerous votes from Democrats, Independents and, most likely, illegal immigrants"

Of course, in typical GOP fashion, the data supporting this contention is nonexistent.

"John McCain still could have won but for the financial meltdown and bailout. He was leading in the polls just before the financial meltdown."

No he wasn't. He was leading until the Palin interviews surfaced, then he tanked. The meltdown came later.

"The democrats ran a crooked campaign full of lies. It's time 'WE THE PEOPLE' demand answers before Dec 15. Write to these Judges and demand the law suits for Obama Birth cert be honored."

"I have called members of congress and stated flat out that they should no longer speak with the NY Times, LA Times, WASH Post, networks, etc, etc. They should be considered operatives of the Left."

"It is time to shut down the Democratic Party's unethical workings. The crimes against our voting procedures and proud traditions of this country were shameful this election. I really do not believe OBAMA is the president because of all of the cheating that went on."

"Public schools, through progressive domination of curriculum development and teacher training, have become indoctrination machines for progressive politics. Until this is broken, America is not a Democratic nation, but increasingly a neo-Stalinist, Marxian nation."

Paranoia - 4, supporting facts - 0. These people need a basic history lesson on Stalin and Marx.

"The infestation of our country by the latinos is the #1, overriding reason why Republicans are doomed."

Nice to see some of the racist GOPers be honest about it.

"McCain was the wrong candidate ...he was not a true conservative and bragged about opposing his own Party ...only Sarah Palin kept his campaign from being a complete disaster and embarrassment"

Now there's the definition of delusional. Palin 2012! Please!

However, just when we could be forgiven for thinking all is lost, one commenter saved the day with some refreshingly realistic insight:

"How many more a** whuppins will it take? Or, to put it another way, how long will the GOP wander lost and forlorn in the wilderness? Judging by Liebau and many responses to her piece, it may yet take a while, perhaps decades...assuming the party will survive in such a decrepit state for that long(which is doubtful)...

The Goldwater/Reagan model of traditional conservatism, which espoused limited government, separation of church and state, and emphasis upon private initiative, has been hijacked by a fanatical band of social conservatives who are hellbent to ram their agenda onto the people of our Beloved Republic.

Goldwater never had any use for social conservatives, period. It was not for nothing that he is the father of true American conservatism. Reagan enraged social conservatives when he nominated Sandra Day O'Connor to the Court. He knew they would pitch a hissy fit, but did it anyway. This party has to come to grips with where it wants to go.

Increasingly, social conservatives are out of sych with a majority of Americans, who view them as intolerant and extreme. The party can choose to placate the ones who make the most noise, the social conservatives, or it can expand its vision, addressing the concerns of most Americans. The moment of truth has arrived. "

Indeed it has. Let's hope the GOP gets back to its conservative, intellectual roots, and says "thanks but no thanks" to the likes of Sarah "know nothing" Palin, Mitt "Freedom Requires Religion" Romney, and Mike "I didn't come from no monkey" Huckabee.

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