Friday, November 14, 2008

Election Trivia: The Most Universally One Party States

Quick, in how many states did one presidential candidate get the majority vote in every county?


Alaska and Hawaii were gimme's for their candidates. The third? Oklahoma, 100% for McCain.

The real message of that map is that the culture war in America is between the city folk and the country folk. In almost every state dominantly red with a few dots of blue, the blue is the cities. Want to know where Dallas, Houston, San Antonion, and Austin are? They are 4 of the 5 blue dots off the Mexican border in Texas. Upstate New York is red, so is the middle of Pennsylvania, and all the eastern, citiless borders of the otherwise solid blue west coast cities.


Harriet said...

Of course, Obama swept Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Rhode Island as well.

Texas: Austin did go R in 2000 but went D in 2004 (as it usually does); El Paso and south Texas is almost always D.

San Antonio (Bexar Country), Houston (Harris) and Dallas (Dallas County) going blue was a first; some of that may well have been due to the fact that Texas had an honest-to-goodness D primary this year.

BTW, O won Austin (Travis County) something like 65-34 this time around.

Luke H. said...

Oklahoma City and Tulsa are sizable cities, but they stayed red. What made them different, other than perhaps that Obama never contested OK? Maybe population density? I see some other outliers among small to midsize cities.
Of course, that map is by county. The NC county where I live went overwhelmingly to McCain, while its only significant urban area went overwhelmingly to Obama.