Friday, November 28, 2008

Dawkins Blamed for Suicide - So Much for Personal Resonsibility

Richard Dawkins now blamed for a suicide. It is amazing the power some people put in this man's words.

Wasn't this the book that supposedly didn't deal sufficiently with theology? Yet it cracked this kids faith. Yeah, when you learn that all the people you trusted your whole life were lying, or just plain ignorant, one would think depression would set in. Never mind laying the blame on those that filled his head with nonsense though, no sirree bob. Shoot the messenger.


Ted said...

Seems clear cut to me, Barack Obama cannot become President of the United States under Article II of the Constitution. Please listen to the linked youtube, and if you can, point out exactly where its conclusion is erroneous. Since the United States Supreme Court will be under the same Constitutional constraints with regard to the cases now before it, I don't see HOW the Supreme Court can find otherwise. But, again, if anyone's got a legal theory Obama can use to get out of checkmate, have at it:

Anonymous said...

In this audio, the father of the boy who committed suicide does not blame the book: