Saturday, November 1, 2008

McCain Buses them in, Likely Turns them Off.

John McCain had about 4,000 students bused in from the Defiance school system in Ohio yesterday, to add to the 2,000 McCain supporters that showed up of their own volition to his rally in the town of the same name. This is also the rally where McCain was stood up by Joe the Plumber. The wheels are coming off the Straight Talk Express folks, but now McCain is potentially doing damage to the GOP for years to come.

A friend related a story to me from years ago. It was sometime in the early 80's, and there was to be a Good Times/Jeffersons marathon that night. She and her siblings looked forward to this event for days (which is forever in kid time), and got good and comfy in front of the TV with blankets and popcorn. But when the time for the marathon came, what they got instead was the presidential seal, and a speech from President Ronald Reagan. This quickly put the kiddos to sleep, and when they awoke, it was morning, and their beloved marathon had passed. It was all Ronald Reagan's fault, and she said she hated him, and his party, for years.

I attended a few political events as a child, and suffered through many on TV. To a child they are boring, boring, boring. McCain made no new fans among those 4,000 kids. They'll probably avoid politics like the plague now, and continue the tradition of low youth voter turnout.

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