Sunday, November 23, 2008

Michelle Bachman's Integrity is the Urban Legend

You know your position is indefensible when Alan Colmes nails you to the wall. Watch her lie through her teeth.

Earth to Michelle Bachman and all the rest of the politicians out there who think they can lie on camera and not get caught. Get with the program! Everything you say is going to be recorded and reviewed forever. This lying dog won't hunt any more. We'll catch you every time. Why do you think the storm of MSU that McCain/Palin threw at Obama didn't have any effect? It wasn't because of any bias in the mainstream media. About half of us don't get news from TV. We get it from the internet, where we can fact check everything to our heart's content, and what we found was that McCain/Palin were consistently full of shit.

Michelle Bachman is full of shit too. She said what she said, and its there for all to see. Welcome to the new era politicians.

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