Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hagan Sues Dole, Cuz She Ain't No Steenking Atheist!

Kay Hagan is suing Liddy Dole over this ad, where it is implied that Hagan is friendly to atheists, perhaps even is an atheist. What is noteworthy here is what Hagan doesn't say in her response:

"Each airing of the advertisement further injures (Hagan's) good name and reputation in the community," Hagan's attorneys wrote in the complaint...

Hagan is a Presbyterian church elder who teaches Sunday school. She responded with an ad Thursday in which she forcefully declares her belief in God and cites the Bible's 9th Commandment in decrying Dole for "bearing false witness against fellow Christians."

See what's missing? Imagine the same scenario, except with Hagan being accused of being gay, or black. Such would be outright bigotry, amounting to "I ain't no stinking nigger!". But with atheists, we're still fair game. People can still get on the national stage and imply that being an atheist means one is evil, immoral, and a poor citizen. This is yet another example to keep in mind the next time you hear someone whining about anti-Christian bigotry in this country. They don't know the meaning of the word.

Let's hear Kay Hagan, or anyone in the press, ask what's wrong with being an atheist. Let's hear a discussion of the bigotry against atheists in both Hagan's and Dole's comments. Spare us the news coverage implying there is something wrong with being an atheist, discussing and slandering people they don't have the guts to allow there to defend themselves. Can you imagine a televised discussion about blacks, women, gays or Catholics that did not include a representative of the group in question? It is preposterous on its face. Get with it America, it is just as preposterous to do to atheists.

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Luke H. said...

(from NC)
I, too, was disappointed that Hagan didn't stand up for religious freedom here, though is pales beside the dishonesty of the Dole ad.

What really bothers me though are the ideas that (1) You should never associate in any way with people you don't agree with and (2)Association with anyone, in any context, indicates agreement with their views on every subject. This is extreme anti-intellectualism. What kind of leaders will we get if people with political ambitions can never step outside their comfort zone and listen to competing ideas? Oh, well I guess we know!