Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Official Primary Delegate Counts

For those of who confused to the point of fainting at the complexities of the New Hampshire and Iowa primary discussions, here is what it all means:

AP Primary Delegate Scoreboard:


Huckabee: 31
Romney: 29
McCain: 7
Thompson: 3
Paul: 2
Hunter: 1

needed to win: 1,191


Obama: 25
Clinton: 24
Edwards: 18

needed to win: 2,026

Some things to keep in mind. The number of delegates required to win is almost double for the Democrats as it is for the Republicans, so no cross-party comparisons unless you are going to double the Republican figures. Also keep in mind that some states are winner-take-all, so those will be the huge wins. Obviously any media proclamations of a candidate being dead are grossly premature. I've heard Clinton, Edwards, Giuliani, Huckabee and of course McCain proclaimed dead by someone out there in the mainstream media. It is also quite clear that Clinton's and McCain's victories in New Hampshire are very overrated. Given the polls 2 weeks ago, Obama's performance remains the big upset, since Hillary led strongly all the way to this point. History suggests that we are in for a lot more suprises.

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Harriet said...

Don't forget that HRC has a big lead in super-delegates, and that is why I was so happy to see Kerry formally endorse O.