Tuesday, January 8, 2008

National Champs LSU, SEC, proving superiority

LSU wins the national championship of college football, again.

They were the lower ranked team, again.

An SEC team wins the title, again.

In 10 BCS championship games now, the SEC is 4-0, and only one of those times (Tennessee 1999) were they the #1 team going into the game. No other conference has an overall winning record in the game. And as if to rub everyone else's nose in it, recall that Auburn of the SEC went undefeated in 2003, but was snubbed for the championship game in favor of an Oklahoma team that got squashed by USC.

Looks like the evidence is strongly favoring what my coonass relations have maintained for years: the northern teams (due to proximity), high scoring teams, and teams in weak conferences where it is easier to go undefeated, get more attention from the media, and are consistently overrated compared to the SEC teams, which are renounded for playing the kind of tough defense that wins championships, and for beating each other. Lucky for them they get a chance to prove themselves on the field now and again, because were it left to the polls they'd have 1 title over the last 10 seasons instead of 4.

Now how about going all the way NCAA, and having a real playoff like every other major sport? Or do the PAC-10 and Big-10 teams, who gain the most from the current screw up known as a system, fear losing to SEC teams every year in the playoffs?

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