Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Einstein Rings Prove Old Al Right Again

Once again, science gets confirmational evidence while the deniers just play rhetorical games. In a shot to Einstein's deniers, a stellar formation called an "Einstein Ring", which would not exist were it not for the relativistic effect of gravity bending light, has been found for the first time in duplicate:

The phenomenon, called gravitational lensing, occurs when a massive galaxy in the foreground bends the light rays from a distant galaxy behind it, in much the same way as a magnifying glass would. When both galaxies are exactly lined up, the light forms a circle, called an "Einstein ring," around the foreground galaxy. If another background galaxy lies precisely on the same sightline, a second, larger ring will appear.

The scientists involved in the discovery compared the rarity of such a discovery to 2 consecuetive rolls at roulette. Here is a great picture of the phenominon.

Hat tip Greg Laden.

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