Thursday, January 3, 2008

Obama owns Iowa, the US next?

We thought it could happen, but it still has to sink in now. Barack Hussein Obama won the Iowa caucuses, and not by a small margin. If the thought of a black man winning an election in whitebread Iowa is not shocking enough, consider that he outpolled Hillary Clinton 35% to 30% (as of 10:30 CST) among women. He garnered over 50% of the youth vote. His performance was downright stunning. Perhaps all America needed to elect a black president was to have one that was not all about being black (Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton), or a complete lunatic (Alan Keyes).

This result should be especially disturbing to Hillary Clinton, who, with her love-her-or-hate-her personality, could not afford anything other than victories with a multiple candidate field. As other candidates exit, their voters are less likely to move to Hillary than the other candidates. An Obama/Edwards ticket looks more likely than ever.

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