Thursday, January 10, 2008

Florida has been Invaded by Creationists!

Apparently Taylor County was just the first of many Florida school boards to pass resolutions opposing Florida's new science standards emphasizing evolution, according to Fred Grimm of the Miami Herald:

Oscar Howard Jr., superintendent of Taylor County's School District, and Danny Lundy, vice chairman of the School Board, spoke in accents from that other Florida. ''We're opposed to teaching evolution as a fact,'' Howard said, adding that his School Board and 11 others have passed resolutions against the imposition of evolution in the school curriculum.

Grimm attended a school board meeting where this occurred, and relates some truly amazing commentary by some of the people there:

...a Miami paramedic warned that taking God out of the classroom has led to immorality and violence. He related the beating death last week of a toddler by a 12-year-old in Lauderhill to the teaching of evolution. An unfathomable leap in logic on one side of the divide. An understandable leap of faith on the other.

It never ceases to amaze me that in a world where religion and violence run hand in hand nearly everywhere that people with the IQ of a lesser ape could think teaching evolution somehow justifies violence. "Well, yew say we cum frum monkeys, so now mah kids act like monkeys." Yeah, you ignorant twit, and you and I came from slave owners too. I'll bet our ancestors did their share of raping, pillaging, and warmongering. So what? And pardon me for polluting your prejudices with facts, but monkeys don't go murdering each other by the millions disputed tribal god images, so maybe acting like monkeys would be a step up for your ilk.

But this is what we are up against: pig ignorant people determined to keep everyone's kids the same way. The final speaker summed it up perfectly:

[She] angrily reminded the crowd that after all the carping over evolution, no one had gotten around to addressing the state's lackadaisical, last-century approach to science education.

''All I heard was this argument about evolution,'' she said, disgusted that so many other problems had been preempted by a single controversy.

``The kids lost out again.''

We have enough difficulties with education without having to waste so many resources on people trying to hold everyone else back because they can't handle the answers science gives them. And this time it looks like there is some behind-the-scenes organizing going on. They used suspiciously common language, many referring to evolution "being presented as fact" and suggesting a "fair and balanced" approach (why is it everything labelled as "fair and balanced" isn't? It's like mail marked "important").

Obviously these people are either being coached from a common source, or as getting their information from a common source. Whether the activity is truly coordinated remains to be demonstrated, but it really doesn't matter. It seems the next big court case is going to happen in Florida. I hope everyone in Florida contacts the school board members in Baker, Holmes, Taylor, and any other Florida county and remind them of the Dover-like disaster that awaits their school district if they pursue this course of action, and of how they have fallen for a scam. Show them The Wedge Document. History is on our side if we get the information out there.

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