Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's Less Popular than Legal Marijuana? You May be Surprised

According to a recent poll, legal marijuana now garners about 40% support, which makes it more popular than:

--Opposing stricter gun control laws (40%)
--Congress (26-40%)
--The war in Iraq (39%)
--Decreasing immigration levels (39%)
--Privatizing Social Security (36%)
--Opposing investigating the Bush administration (34%)
--Opposing national, government run health insurance (32%)
--Vetoing stem cell research (31%)
--The Republican Party (31%)
--Dick Cheney (30%)
--George W. Bush (24-34%)
--Decreasing business regulations (28%)
--Rush Limbaugh (28%)
--Mitch McConnell (22%)
--Preventing the openly gay from serving in the military (17%)
--John Boehner (17%)

Soon our time will come.

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