Friday, March 13, 2009

The Dumbest Statement Ever?

I know, I know, it's a tough standard to live up to. But here's Richard from this Townhall thread:

"Of course if you go to any university you will find that in the science department conservatives out number liberals 100 to 1 ..."

Can there be a claim more removed from reality?


Doppelganger said...

Political science, maybe....

Aren't these the folks that usually complain about all the 'librals' in the universitites?

And doesn't this also mean that there are lots of conservatives that accept evolution and climate change and all the stuff that conservatives don't like?

These folks never seem to think things through very well.

ScienceAvenger said...

No, they don't. That's tell-tale sign of a crank: pushing mutually contradictory theses.