Saturday, March 7, 2009

How the Mighty IDers have Fallen

Some things don't need much explanation. Here's a bit of the Discovery Institute's latest propaganda, courtesy of Anika smith, and reproduced from here:

Roddy Bollock over at ARN's ID Report has an excellent post illustrating the difficulty Darwinists have with explaining design:


What if you were lied to all your life that a square was a circle? Oh yes, you were told, it's natural to have contrary thoughts, but you must not be deceived by appearances; those things that look like squares are not. They are merely apparent squares. And in reality, you are politely informed, they not only are circles, they must be, because an all encompassing Theory of Circumfusion requires them to be, and you must believe the Theory of Circumfusion. And what if you did? Despite all that was in you; despite what you instinctively and empirically knew, what if you believed? What if?

Imagine that you really bought the lie. You began to see reality not as circles and squares, but as circles and the illusion of squares. And suppose over time you trained yourself, through constant reminder that what you see as squares are not squares, but circles; you actually saw only circles. Now where others see circles and squares you see only circles and imperfect circles. In fact, you find you are somewhat proud of the fact that you seem to be one of the very few people that can understand the Theory of Circumfusion to the extent that you see reality so wonderfully enveloped with circles. You teach with grand authority that your discipline is that of the study of circles that give the appearance of being squares. In fact, your reality becomes so self-evidently true you almost forget that others still see squares.

But you can't forget. Picture your constant chagrin, if not downright irritation, at the constant use among lay people and uninformed (redneck, you say) scientists of the language of squareness. To make matters worse, squareness is always insisted on by the "straight" and "square" crowd, those who speak in vexatious pleonasms such as reference to "straight-edged squares" (as if there are any other kind). They are not squares! you want to shout, they are circles that only have the appearance of squareness! You try your best to be nice, but you find yourself blogging about imbeciles and the mentally ill who adamantly refuse to believe the scientific Theory of Circumfusion and persist in the delusion of the existence of true squareness.


There's nothing like a strong dose of clear thinking to illuminate the debate between evolution and intelligent design.

Uh, yeah Anika, sure [wink wink, nudge nudge]. Clear. Crystal.

Sheesh. My what the IDers have sunk to: doing their best Sokal impersonations.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if these people have had their irony meter surgically removed?

ScienceAvenger said...

What's been removed is their ability to think clearly. They perceive anything that agrees with them as sound, it is as simple as that.

Note that you will almost never see any IDer criticize any pro-ID comment made by anyone else. It's one big revival meeting.