Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gunphobia Rears its Ugly Head in Connecticut

For a real life example of hoplophobia, check out this story of a student named John Wahlberg, who made a presentation in class arguing that gun-free zones encourage incidents like the Virginia Tech shootings, and that having all the students armed would produce a safer environment.

Now, whatever one might think of those arguments, I hope we can all agree that this is not the appropriate response:

Shortly after his professor, Paula Anderson, filed a complaint with the CCSU Police against her student. During the presentation Wahlberg made the point that if students were permitted to conceal carry guns on campus, the violence could have been stopped earlier in many of these cases. He also touched on the controversial idea of free gun zones on college campuses.

That night at work, Wahlberg received a message stating that the campus police “requested his presence”. Upon entering the police station, the officers began to list off firearms that were registered under his name, and questioned him about where he kept them.

They told Wahlberg that they had received a complaint from his professor that his presentation was making students feel “scared and uncomfortable”.

Oh yeah, there's ironclad evidence that Wahlberg is a danger to his community and deserving of a little police interrogation. For those who wonder how Republicans are able to keep the Democrats-deal-with-feelings-while Republicans-deal-with-facts meme alive, look no further"

Professor Anderson refused to comment directly on the situation and deferred further comment.

“It is also my responsibility as a teacher to protect the well being of our students, and the campus community at all times,” she wrote in a statement submitted to The Recorder. “As such, when deemed necessary because of any perceived risks, I seek guidance and consultation from the Chair of my Department, the Dean and any relevant University officials.”

Wahlberg believes that her complaint was filed without good reason.

“I don’t think that Professor Anderson was justified in calling the CCSU police over a clearly nonthreatening matter. Although the topic of discussion may have made a few individuals uncomfortable, there was no need to label me as a threat,” Wahlberg said in response. “The actions of Professor Anderson made me so uncomfortable, that I didn’t attend several classes. The only appropriate action taken by the Professor was to excuse my absences.”

The university police were unavailable for comment.

“If you can’t talk about the Second Amendment, what happened to the First Amendment?” asked Sara Adler, president of the Riflery and Marksmanship club on campus. “After all, a university campus is a place for the free and open exchange of ideas.”

Not, apparently, if one has a different view on gun issues than the left-wing party line. Shame on Anderson and the CCSU police. Feelings are not evidence.

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Harriet said...

1. I am a lefty.

2. I am a college professor.

3. I can easily see this incident happening here (at my university) and

4. I agree with what you said: this is beyond ridiculous.