Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How Crazy are They?

If you were wondering just how crazy and frantic some of the far rightwingers were getting, just check out this Townhall article by Phil Harris and the subsequent comments on his doom and gloom scenario where the evil liberals come take away all the guns, close down all the churches via hate crime laws, enforce birth control, and put people in jail for having dissenting political views. Here are some of my favorites:

"our belief in God is being taken out of every little thing and replaced with the atheist's 'be good for goodness sake' motto"

"This is where the 'hate crimes' business is going, all right. It's already a crime to quote parts of the Bible in public in Canada. Soon it will be here, too. Here in New Mexico a photographer was just dragged through the courts for refusing, on religious grounds, to photograph a homosexual wedding. Obviously, having religious convictions will soon be a punishable 'hate crime.' Conservative talk radio will soon be 'hate talk,' another 'hate crime.'

Think of Russia in the 1920s, Germany in the 1930s. They had their Obamas, too, with different names."

"I say WOW in a much different way than the reprobate trolls. They don't realize that they would be among the first taken after the Christians and that we who are praying believers are the only ones standing in the gap for them. This administration and Congress is demonically controlled..remember July 12, 2007..for the first time ever they had a priest of a pagan religion pray the opening Senate prayer. The priest himself is decieved but his prayer was
to the god of this world (I pray that God Amighty will turn his heart away from it and to Himself). If you think about it, everything began to steamroll after that til what we are facing..we fight not against flesh and blood, ladies and gentlemen but against unseen forces of evil that's using these mortals to destroy the only country that has the Judeo/Christian heritage and was and can once again be that Shining City On A Hill. "

"Dear God, please have mercy on us a nation. Not because we deserve it. We don't. We don't even deserve the mercy you have already shown us. We don't deserve any further withholding of your judgment and justice.

As a nation we have made worshiping You a public offense. We have driven You out of our courts and out of our schools. We have glorified every kind of perversity. We have killed our young."

"Mr. Harris, what Bible preacher would give up his guns? Gun ownership is right there in the Bible under the sixth commandment: thou shalt not murder.

That is, not only should we not murder, but we are also commanded to prevent, as much as it is within our authority and ability, the murder of ourself or anyone else. To fail to act to prevent our own murder is just as immoral as being a murderer. If we fail to take the opportunities to justly defend ourself or a third party against a murderer, then we have failed to obey a moral command from God to preserve life.

Let’s hang on to our guns, especially when they start coming for them. The unlawful magistrate must be resisted if we would be like our forefathers in liberty."

"The person who said the right wingers are using fear---well you had better be afraid if you have any opinions on abortion, homosexuality, God (the real God--not the muslim one or the fabricated black Jesus that obama says he has faith in) uns or environmentalism and animal rights. I hope I never have grandchildren because this world is beginning to scare me and I sure don't want any of my grandchildren having to be like some of the people submitting their already submissive, all hail to obama comments. Mindless MORONS.

Why has it become so evil to have an opinion about something? Abortion is murder, I don't like muslims, homosexuality is wrong, I'm sick of the illegal aliens in this country and evnironmentalism, liberalism and animal rights are made -up religions. Christians are being persecuted. They cannot even interpret the Bible as they see it without it being called hate by a bunch of crybaby lace panty wearing 'men'."

"Isn't it interesting that Obama wants to remove the charitable deductions form Income Tax law? I view this as not just a new way to increase tax dollars, but as a direct assault upon our religious freedom. The quickest way to undermine religion in our country is to take away its funding, because without money, the churches and religious can't fight back. Why? Because the churches speak out against abortion and euthanasia. And the churches speak for values, morality, and nuclear family—all dangerous to socialism."

"American government already took giant steps in totalitarian Socialist direction, and the people are not happy.The next logical step to take for the politicial "organizers" in government (hey,that’s what the Bolsheviks were - political activists) is to diminish the Church’s role in the society, because religion is the LAST unifying place against totalitarian rule for unhappy citizens...

The homosexual agenda in America IS that much needed Soviet style political excuse to shut down the churches due to their “hatemongering” sermons, and moral stance on gay marriage. This is like the charges of being a “racist“, or a “global warming denier” - another weapon to be stored and used when needed."

Think of these people the next time you are watching Sarah Palin or Bobby Jindal or whatever version of them pops up at the next political event. This is their audience.


Peter L. Winkler said...

The Supreme Court finally got around to dealing directly with the Second Amendment, and their ruling was exactly what gun nuts and the NRA always dreamt of, but they're still talking about "the gubbmint takin way all ma guns."

These people are clearly sufferig from a dissociative disorder.

ScienceAvenger said...

Facts have no effect on them, all they listen to is the lying machine of talk radio and blogs like Townhall. I occasionally get requests to pick on leftwing loonies, and I'd love to when I can (like Tom Harkin or that looney anti-atheist Illinois legislature), but they just aren't nearly as numerous, looney or mainstream as this group. Townhall is not even really far right, they are sort of middle right, and yet they are infested with lunatics. There is nothing that corresponds to it on the left.

Anonymous said...

You sir are a fracking idiot.
"Science Avenger" my ass.
More like liberal fucktard.

ScienceAvenger said...

Notice the depth of thought in that reply, the devestating content refuting my position, the juvenile insults, and of course the mindless assumption that anyone who agrees less than 100% with the standard GOP line is somehow a "liberal". Of course the fact that I support gun rights, the death penalty, lower taxes, smaller government, am capitalist to the core, reject affirmative action, hate crimes legislation, and most welfare, prefer liberty to safety, and have no use for anyone whining about their feelings will have no effect on that view. As a wise man once said, one cannot change an opinion through reason that wasn't reached by reason, and this subintellect and people like him don't reach their views through reason. He'll just assume I'm lying. He has to. His worldview would fall apart otherwise. The Townhall crew does this unfailingly when I talk about my former days supporting the GOP. They simply cannot digest anything else through their narrowminded filter. They reach their worldview through a childish black-and-white, nonfalsifiable attitude that attributes everything evil to a bogeyman, "the liberal". Its just Satan taken out of the church and tossed into the political arena, where he can be blamed for all that ills us, while trollboys heros tout The Truth of conservatism, style over substance and the facts be damned. Heckofa job they do too, you betcha.

Enjoy 2010 and 2012 chump. I know will. Your kind is dwindling, and thanks to your infamous closedmindedness and unjustified confidence, you've got no way to recognize your errors, no way to correct course. You're headed the way of the Shakers, and I plan on enjoying every reality-denying deluded moment of it

Tommykey said...

It's funny how Obama got so much flak from the wingnuts when he mentioned something about bitter people who cling to their guns, and then when he gets elected, they go out and prove it by buying more guns.

Interesting logic at work. "That radical stealth Muslim is going to take our guns away, so I am going to go out and buy a gun."

ScienceAvenger said...

Tommy, interesting that you mention their intellectual Muslim cousins, who object to depictions of Muslims as violent and intolerant, and yet react to them with intolerant violence.