Tuesday, August 12, 2008

UC's Court Victory over the Association of Christian Schools: Science beats Creationism Again

The University of California won their case against the Association of Christian Schools, who were claiming viewpoint discrimination over UC refusing to grant admissions credits for various Christianized courses, most notably creationist biology classes. You can read detailed commentary on the case here and here, and the full ruling here. As is common with creationist cases, it was a comedy of poor legal and scientific reasoning. The plaintiffs didn't seem to understand what was required for an argument for animus, assuming that a lack of reasonableness implied animus, sort of like they assume any weakness in evolution is an argument in favor of creation. It fared no better, as did Behe's testimony, which was rejected for being untimely, and insufficiently detailed. As usual, Behe waves his hands at problems and can't be bothered with all that niggling science.

The case is likely to be appealed.

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