Sunday, August 31, 2008

Close to Russia? Just How Stupid do They Think People Are?

Apparently it wasn't a flub when Steve Doocy of Fox News said Sarah Palin had international experience because Alaska was next to Russia. Now Cindy McCain is making the same claim. Do they REALLY think people are this stupid? Hell, Alaska is right up against Canada, why doesn't that count? Does every governor of every state that borders (or is "near") Canada or Mexico have foreign policy experience too? What about Florida's proximity to the Bahamas?

In my 25 years of watching politics I have never seen an argument this moronic: not the reparations arguments, not the creationism, not "comparable worth", not even the feminist that said if firefighter standards were too tough for women to pass they should be lowered until the women can. Flatearthers make sense compared to this. Is this what America has come to? Are we to choose the most powerful leader in the world based on arguments that even South Park would consider too ridiculous to use? It is said that America gets the politicians it deserves. We must be indeed an Idiocracy if we deserve this.

BTW, that region of Russia that is across the Bering Strait from Alaska is called Chukotsky. It has a population of 91,000 people. I doubt they'll be planning an invasion soon. The Governor is a man named Roman Abramovich. I suggest someone in the media ask Sarah Palin questions about this region. Her answers could prove most enlightening.

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