Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hawkins Shows the Republicans Need a New Playbook

John Hawkins has yet another article where he demonstrates a very important point about this election, but not the point he was trying to make. He claims to have a list of issues that will bring Barak Obama down in November. The problem is they have all already been tried, some by Hillary Clinton, some by McCain, some by both, and yet they've had little to no effect. Here's the list:

Phony Idealism
Anti-White Racism
Lack of Patriotism
Changing Position On The War in Iraq
Poor Judgment
Gaffe Prone
Fuzzy Platform

We've seen all this before, and none of it had much effect. Obama stayed ahead of Hillary when she raised these issues, and he's remained ahead of McCain as well. Hawkins is making the mistake of projecting his own views on the entire electorate. If the Republicans make the same mistake, McCain is going to get creamed.

It doesn't help their case that there is little substance to many of these claims. The GOP seems determined these days to label as a snob anyone who doesn't drink beer and outburp his kids around the doublewide, as phony any ideals that come with pragmatic implementation, as unpatriotic anyone who disagrees with their political views on the war, and as fuzzy any political position that takes more than two sentences to explain.

It's not working. If they are going to beat Obama, they are going to have to try something else. Maybe they could do something radical, and like, discuss the actual issues, and stuff, you know, show how McCain's solutions to our problems are better than Obama's. I know, I'm such an idealist.

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