Thursday, August 7, 2008

Typically Incompetent AGW Denial Courtesy of the IDers

Things haven't been going so well lately for the IDers, as evidenced by their increasingly desperate attempts at appearing relevant. But not to worry, there is a lot of legitimate science out there to deny, and since the techniques are all the same (phony experts, cherry picking, scientific relativism, etc.), it's a snap to shift to other areas of science and do just as shoddy a job there. Thus we get this little bit of comically bad denialism from Davescot.

As you may recall, climate scientists were concerned that the entire arctic ice sheet might melt away this summer due to the 30 year trend of anomalously low ice levels there. Happily that did not transpire, as this year's ice levels broke with the extreme trend of reductions of the past few years, and managed to peak above the 30-year regression line. However, Davescot's reaction to this, a declaration that "Global Warming Alarmists Wrong Again", is completely irrational, and the fool put the evidence why right there in his article. Anyone can see clearly in the graph of ice levels that this year's measure is completely consistent with the regression line showing reduced ice levels over time. As one can also clearly see, and which should be obvious, such measures are stochastic functions that fluctuate year to year. What matters is the overall trend, not one year to the next. But to people like Davescot, desperate to interpret all data as supporting his hypothesis, anything short of an absolute, unwavering linear downward trend is sufficient to deny the clear downward spiral of ice levels.

This is akin to the phony "ten years of no warming" nonsense that I've debunked previously. It is cherry-picking of data, and obvious cherry-picking at that. It is often said that global warming denialists, and indeed denialists of all stripes, do shoddy science, when they do any at all, and their interpretation of the data is horribly, incompetently, downright comically, inept. Consider Davescot's little irrational little rant Exhibit A.

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