Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama Chooses Clean, Articulate Biden as his Running Mate

In a move to counter charges of inexperience and lack of foreign policy gravitas, Barak Obama has chosen Joe Biden as his running mate. Apparently Indiana and Virginia were not important enough to choose Evan Bayh or Tim Kaine (my pick), and Obama instead chose someone with the general experience he needed to balance the ticket.

One problem the selection of Biden exacerbates is the anti-intellectual problem, since Biden packs both a wallop of an IQ, and a higher-even-than-McCain prickly personality factor. I suspect that Biden's success with blue collar workers is hoped to counter that.

Now we all get to sit back and watch what sort of bounce the polls give Obama/Biden (I must admit, that does roll off the tongue). Obama has basically been playing rope-a-dope with McCain for the last few weeks, and it has led to McCain slowly creeping back to even in the polls. With the Olympics going, my bet is that the Obama campaign decided they'd rather not compete with Michael Phelps for air time, and instead let McCain do exactly that and drain his resources. I expect that to reverse itself immediately, and we are going to see full fledged Obamamania for a few weeks.


Anonymous said...

"Obama instead chose someone with the general experience he needed to balance the ticket."

It was funny to hear Biden talk about Obama's lack of experience!

"... since Biden packs both a wallop of an IQ,"

... and knows it!

ScienceAvenger said...

Yes, I'm sure it looks funny to Republicans to see people who don't walk in lock step all the time. Worse yet to actually have intellect and be proud of it, instead of wallowing in ignorance like the current White House occupant. Pity we haven't learned from the last eight years that "who I'd most want to have a beer with" is a poor way to choose a leader.