Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Conservapedia Brings You the Dumbest Thing You Will Ever Read

I know, I know, picking on Conservapedia is like kicking the shit out of a barking chihuahua. The little shit might deserve it, but it hardly seems sporting. Yet this entry, purporting to explain how Noah's animals got dispersed to such great distances all over the earth after landing on Mount Ararat:

"Another comes from the example of Krakatoa, which in 1883 erupted and destroyed most of the island which remained lifeless for many years. But eventually the same life that was there before the eruption came back.

It is possible that volcanoes in the Mount Ararat region[1] were able to transport the smaller animals over much greater distances than the animals could get just by walking."

Yes, that means what it seems, against all intellect, to mean. The poor critters that needed to travel so far, the kangaroos, penguins and sloths, got on top of Ararat and BLAM! "And they were guided by the hand of God to their native lands, and by a miracle, were not blown into teensy bits".

Much to my dismay, the term "conservative" is slowly coming to mean "reality-denying". These are not my grandfather's conservatives.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the fellow who wrote that page is a scammer? Posting obscenities or just idiocy on opponents' sites is common nowadays.

What gave me that idea in this case?

It says "This is an old revision of this page, as edited by //Deathtoathiests// "

Also, I never even heard of Young Earth Creationists who doubt the story of the flood, as stated in the last line.

ScienceAvenger said...

Possibly, but the fact that it isn't obvious (by content) sort of makes a bigger point, wouldn't you say. If you doubt it, check their page on atheism. I was in stiches the entire time.