Monday, July 7, 2008

The Obvious Contradiction of the Resistence to Gay Marriage by the Family Values Crowd

The religious right’s resistance to gay marriage is marred by a stark and obvious contradiction which reveals how out of touch these people are with the realities of modern society. This was perfectly illustrated by Pat Buchanen’s response, which laid the contradiction out so clearly even Stevie Wonder could recognize it:

” With a third of all children born out of wedlock -- 50 percent of all Hispanic kids, 70 percent of black kids -- and half of all marriages ending in divorce, the social indicators have recorded explosions -- in crime, violence, drug and alcohol abuse, dropout rates, gang membership, and jail and prison populations.
The correlation between prison inmates and broken homes, or homes never created, is absolute. What armies of social scientists with six-figure salaries today tell us, 12-year-olds knew 50 years ago. “

Well, yes Pat, and apparently, a contradiction so large any 12-year-old could see it needs to be explained to those who resist homosexual unions based on bronze age myths. Allowing homosexuals to get married will result in fewer children born of broken homes or homes never created, not more. Perhaps Pat is unaware that many homosexuals have children, and that the very traditional laws he is supporting break these homes, and keep them that way. Allowing homosexuals to pursue relationships true to their hearts will result in fewer divorces between heterosexuals and homosexuals denying their true selves. And perhaps Pat missed his classes in basic biology, but homosexuals in committed relationships are physically incapable of producing children at all without serious medical assistance.

It is absurd on its face to argue that the way to reduce the number of children living outside of stable homes is to deny a segment of the population the opportunity to form a stable home. It is just one more indication that social conservatives are completely out of touch with the realities of the modern world.

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Anonymous said...

"Perhaps Pat is unaware that many homosexuals have children..."

Frankly, I was unaware of that, too. Well, I knew that /some/ homosexuals have children; I just didn't know it was "many". May I ask, "how many is 'many'"? A percentage would be helpful. I suppose that should exclude /bi/sexuals.

Also, is the divorce rate between a homosexual and a heterosexual significantly greater than the divorce rate between two heterosexuals?