Friday, July 4, 2008

How Low Can Dembski Fall? Josh McDowell?

William Dembski’s new book “Understanding Intelligent Design: Everything you need to know in plain language” is out, amid as much fanfare as a dying movement can hope for. Sadly, there is little expectation that the book contains the answers to all the basic questions scientists have about ID: Who did it, when, how, and where? There is also another indication that the thin veneer of ID as science and not religion is coming off: the forward is written by Josh McDowell, the master of not answering questions.

For the uninitiated, Josh McDowell is the author of several books purported to answer all the questions skeptics have with regard to the divinity of Jesus, and the existence of the Christian God, but which instead merely preach to the choir with arguments that make those not yet saved laugh in disbelief. “How do we know God is God? Because He tells us he is” is a typical example of the level of McDowell’s discourse. This is who Dembski chose to write the forward to his book supposedly on a scientific topic. And we thought the IDers couldn’t sink lower than Ann Coulter.

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