Sunday, July 6, 2008

Chris Comer Fights Back

Chris Comer, former state science curriculum director fired for darting to mention a talk by Barbara Forrest on Intelligent Design, is now suing the Texas Education Agency:
” Her lawsuit seeks a court order overturning the TEA’s neutrality policy on teaching of creationism and declaring that her dismissal was unconstitutional. The suit also seeks her reinstatement to her old job.”

It is nice that Comer is attacking the core of the problem. The notion that a science department must be neutral on whether a hypothesis is pseudoscience or science is absurd at its core. The timing couldn’t be better, since the battle over the science curriculum in Texas is about to heat up. Let’s hope the crucible of the courts will once again burn away the nonsense the creationists like to toss into the mix to reveal the reality of what is going on in the biological sciences.

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alex said...

Sorry, but Comer lost: