Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hawkins' Made Up World about Liberals

If you want to see why modern conservatism is being rejected more and more by those in the reality-based community, you need only look at an article like John Hawkins “Why Liberals Lie about what they Believe”. One would think with such a serious accusation Hawkins would have done painstaking research, and have multiple factual references to the myriad claims he makes against “liberals”. Instead, all we get is a bunch of vague, paranoid MSU. The article is one long string of unsupported assertions, with nary a supporting fact to be found. He can’t even be bothered to name who these “liberals” are. Typical are fact free rants like this:

”More disturbing is the Left's ever-increasing reliance on what are commonly thought of as fascist tactics. Liberals at college campuses attempt to disrupt conservative speeches and the Democrats want to try to drive conservative talk radio hosts off the air with the Fairness Doctrine. Conservatives like Tom DeLay, Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulter have been targeted criminally for political reasons and there's even talk of trying to jail members of the Bush Administration over policy differences after they're out of office. Ideological soul mates of modern liberals -- like Stalin, Lenin, and Mao -- would certainly approve of those tactics.

What liberals at what colleges? How does this compare to conservatives disrupting liberal speeches? Who wants to drive conservatives off the radio, and what is the evidence? Where’s evidence that the trouble DeLay, Rush, and A. Hart are in is politically motivated? Jailing members of the Bush administration because of policy differences? Who said this? Where? Hawkins can’t be bothered with facts. Once again we see the parallel with the Intelligent Design crew. His article is one long Gish Gallop, no evidence allowed. You don’t suppose it is because he doesn’t have any, and he simply made shit up to rile the faithful for political purposes? Nah, couldn’t be that.


Erik said...

Come on, you know exactly who John Hawkins is talking about.

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