Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Who is Travis Childers? An Indication of Just How Much Change November Might Bring

The most dramatic evidence that we could be looking at a major political shift in November has happened in Mississippi, where Democrat Travis Childers has won a congressional seat considered safe for Republicans. He is now the third Democrat to do so in special elections to fill vacated seats. The other two were in Dennis Hastert's seat in Illinois, and another seat in Lousiana.

"Childers took on Davis for a Mississippi seat that has been held by the GOP since 1994. Both will run against two other candidates in the Nov. 4 general election for the full term, so the winner will likely gain name recognition and a fundraising edge.

The race has attracted national attention, with Vice President Dick Cheney campaigning for Davis on Monday, and Davis running ads trying to tie Childers to Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi."

Sure its not the end of the world, the seats could switch back in November. But it is just another of the many many trends that indicate a bluer America come 2009.

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