Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Clinton Wins Meaningless West Virginia

Hillary Clinton won West Virginia, almost exactly by the margin predicted by the polls. It was no surprise, as Hillary has done well in all the elections with the old and the lesser educated, and West Virginia has a shockingly large amount of both.

Yet there is Hillary, giving this triumphant speech, Churchillian according to some. How? This is all meaningless unless the super delegates decide to fall on their swords and overrule the elected delegates and make Hillary a sure-losing nominee.

By my calculations, Hillary would have to outperform her latest poll numbers by 34% in every remaining state to pass Obama in elected delegates. That puts her at 100% in Kentucky and 97% of the vote in Montana. This is kneedown time in football terms. The game is over, the clock just hasn't run out yet.

And a request for the media: please stop wasting everyone's time talking about Hillary having the right to keep running. That is an argument against no one. The dicussion is whether it is right for her to keep this up, not whether she has the right to do so. This is America, where you have the right to be wrong (just ask the creationists), and others have the right to criticize you for it.

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