Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Manson Letters

This is a little departure from my normal topics, but I've always found Charles Manson interesting, and here is a fellow who apparently had a very bizarre exchange of letters with the former cult leader. I found it to be an entertaining read of a highly disturbed mind. I'm sure psychiatrists would have a field day with this guy. Let's hope Charlie stays where he is until the end of his days.

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To: Billy
From: Charles Manson
Received: December 15, 1998

Find out why the L.A. Times hasn't sent my newspaper —Charles Manson.
Easy easy EASSY

(Manson also attached the mysterious picture of a barn, above.)

I bet you don't remember this —you dont [sic] even know where its [sic] at. HAHA. I got you there.
Charles Manson

To: Billy
From: Charles Manson
Received: January 7, 2008

Hay Lo Soul,
Good To Too Two 2 here from you. I thought things got so good for you that you just 4 GOT WHAT you could of remembered or could remember what you don't forgit. Where is your mind—must you watch TV all day to go to night school to be a D.A. JUST to forgit I didn't take your money when I had ALL your credit cards locked up in [continued on second page] my dreams—Rife with Con Va Lution due 2 subjewgashen. My spelling got better—see when you go to school you learn to spell—oh well I'm just playing clown words to say I didn't forgit Hellbilly—Bill we always had good days + I'm glad your gonna be a D.A. Be one who works for justice + not one who wants to win win + and don't care if people didn't do rong—anyway be as good as you are when you git a job + don't let the job make you bad you make the JOB good.
Easy Charles Manson

Letter Marginalia:
You even typing now—Cool. A HILLBILLY that can type—FAR OUT.
I know if you payed what you owe you would be brok brok in like broak ones a panter brock + that they is a crook

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Anonymous said...

Manson was on to the letter writer scam.